Mutoko Rural District Council

A Council with socially & economically empowered communities by 2030.


Promoting openness in our operations.


Taking responsibility for our actions.

Team work

Unity of purpose.


Adhering to moral principle of honesty, truthfulness and fairness. Zero tolerance to corruption.


Taking everyone on board.

Mutoko Rural District Council

Mutoko RDC is made up of 29 electoral wards and they are represented by elected councillors.
Moreover, there are twelve non-elected councillors; nine councillors that make the Women's Quota and three councillors that are part of the Town Board Committee.

Mr. B. Tasarira

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. K. K. Chamisa

Town Board Administrator

Mr. R. Makore


MRDC Management

Mutoko RDC is a sub-national entity that administers a Rural District located 143 km North-East of the capital Harare along the Harare-Nyamapanda highway and 90 km from the Zimbabwe-Mozambique boarder that spans over 428,916 hectares.
The District Council has eight committees namely: Social Services, Gender, Roads and Works, Town Board, Planning and Environment, Human Resources and Administration, Finance and Audit Committee.

  • +263 771 592 888
  • P.O Box 130, Mutoko.