Mutoko Rural District Council on a school construction project

Due to the continuous growth of Mutoko, Mutoko Rural District Council in liaison with the Ministry of primary and secondary Education saw it as a necessity to construct Chitora primary school in the western side of Mutoko CBD. In an interview the Chief Executive Officer Mr P Sigauke said the project is meant to improve access to primary education and alleviate the current deficit of primary schools in the CBD of Mutoko.“We discovered that there are no adequate primary schools in Mutoko CBD and the majority of the children attend schools which are very far away from their homes. “We are very much concerned with enhancing access to primary and secondary education inMutoko,” he said.A budget of $714 116.00 was allocated towards the project for the year 2019 and this created a number of job opportunities to the people of Mutoko.

Rural Wash Program A Success In Mutoko

In order to address the Water and Sanitation challenges in Zimbabwe, UNICEF and the Government of Zimbabwe signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the implementation of the rural WASH project so as to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Rural Areas of Zimbabwe. Mutoko was selected to be the beneficiary of the Rural wash project in the year 2015. As a local authority Mutoko Rural District council spearhead the implementation of program and this has proved to be a success for Mutoko.In this regard Mutoko was given a target of 5 piped water schemes and managed to construct the Kawazva piped water scheme which has proved to be a success and life changing project for the people of Kawazva in ward 3 Mutoko. Water supply to Kawazva Primary School, Kawazva Health Centre, Kawazva Business centre and 4 villages has started. The piped water scheme has since been completed and certified by National Action Committee and Provincial Water Supply and Sanitation Sub-Committee and certificate of completion has been issued to Mutoko Rural District Council. In addition, Mutoko Rural District Council was given a target of 467 boreholes to rehabilitate. The rehabilitation and repair of targeted boreholes have been completed to date. Currently Mutoko Rural District Council is supervising and monitoring the functionality of all repaired water points and continue to repair boreholes in their areas to improve water supplies to the community. More has also been done as Mutoko Rural District Council been encouraging the construction of latrines so as to achieve the Open Defecation Free targets set by UNICEF. Currently about 213 households in 5 of the wards are constructing latrines without subsidies. The Ward Mobilisers and Ward Sanitation Sub Committees continue to support the communities through local leadership such as village heads and councillors.Mutoko Rural District Council is planning to do more in terms of water, sanitation and Hygiene under the Rural wash project as it has been allocated 4 more piped water schemes and also the need tocreate more Community and School Health clubs.

Mutoko Rural District Council Begin Construction Of Bepeta Clinic

Mutoko Rural District Council is working tirelessly to have health centres that are accessible to all communities. In this regard Mutoko Rural District Council embarked on a new construction project in ward 1 Charehwa B where construction of Bepeta clinic is underway. In an Interview with the Chief Executive Officer Mr P Sigauke “The clinic will be servicing all nearby communities around the village and it will be easy for them to access health services at any particular time,” he said. Our objective is to be leaders in terms of service delivery. We will work harder to provide better welfare for the people of Mutoko since it is our responsibility” he added Progress has been seen at Bepeta so far and more work is being done to reduce the duration of the project such that service will be delivered to the people of Mutoko.

Mutoko Rural District Councillors Handed Over Motorbikes To Enhance Service Delivery

In line with the government of Zimbabwe new initiative on devolution of power, Mutoko Rural District Council bought Councillors motorbikes to improve their mobility, capacity and visibility to coordinate all developmental projects being implemented in their areas of jurisdiction. This facility was made possible through a loan facility and all the beneficiaries are having certain amounts deducted from their monthly allowances towards repayment of this loan. In this regard councillors will assume full ownership of the motorbikes after full repayment of this loan. The District Administrator Mutoko, Mr R Mukamba handed over the 29 councillors their motorbikes on the 19th of December 2018.Mutoko Rural District Council chairperson, Councillor C Karumazondo, described the facility as a landmark development in the history of Mutoko Rural District council. He expressed confidence that councillors would now be able to travel to all corners of their ward without challenges.“We trust as they have received their motorbikes, they will be able to travel to all the corners of their wards as some of the wards in Mutoko are big and it was very difficult to coordinate. This facility will improve their mobility, visibility and coordination on all developmental programs being implemented in Mutoko,” he said.